Sunday, 16 De December De 2018
Casa de la Vila - EL Miracle, Riner - 25290
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Welcome to the interactive space of Riner!

I welcome you to the electronic window of the town hall of Riner, which pretends to be a useful working tool and easily accessible by the rinerencs and rinerenques and also by the visitors who want to know us.

From 21 December 2013 the municipal headquarters of Riner is located in the Casa Grande del Miracle. However, as of today municipal services are also available in all homes of the municipality through this web portal. In addition, visitors and tourists not resident in the municipality can find in this digital space the basic information to know our territory and our people.

With this website we want to make a decisive commitment to the use of new technologies in order to bring the services provided by the municipal administration to citizens. These new tools should help us to reduce physical distances between people and the city council as much as possible and should allow us to streamline all administrative procedures for the well-being of the population. On the other hand, it should also serve to show the work done by the council and the transparency of its management.

I make myself available to all to resolve doubts, listen to suggestions and hear the projects that the neighbors have about the municipality. This web entry is intended to be interactive and I will respond to all signed messages addressed to me.

I invite you all to enter it with the assurance that you will find a whole range of information and services that will give you a hand in your day to day.

See you soon.


Joan Solà Bosch

Mayor of Riner